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Dementia / AWI

McClean Podiatry have extensive experience in attending to the podiatry needs of people living with both Dementia and people with other cognitive health concerns. Alan has completed and taught the Scottish Governments National Framework For Dementia to other podiatry professionals ensuring that other podiatrists are practicing at the skilled level of dementia care.

If you are making an appointment for a person with dementia or for a person who does not have capacity to make decisions regarding their own health the following documents are required:

  1. Adults with Incapacity Document (A.W.I. Section 47) this will require to be viewed and copied before any treatment can begin.

  2. Completed Part 5 of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 from General Practitioner is also required detailing Podiatry Interventions and the agreement of person(s) with power of attorney or legal medial guardianship.  Specific reference must be made to allowing treatment for Podiatry Care or Interventions by Allied Health Professionals A.H.P.’s. If the A.W.I. does not specifically state the above a new updated version must be provided before any treatment can commence.

It is the responsibility of the individual arranging the appointment and not that of McClean Podiatry to ensure correct paperwork is place and viewable.

Where upon arrival the appropriate paperwork is not in place charges for visit will still be due to cover cost of podiatrists time, travel and expertise.

It is important to be be aware that the presence of an A.W.I. form cannot be used to force an individual to accept any podiatry treatment and refusal by a person will stop treatment being undertaken. If a individual does refuse treatment alternative options and approaches will be discussed.

While we accept that it is not always possible to provide podiatry intervention where an individual refuses to accept treatment charges for each visit will still be due to cover cost of podiatrists time, travel and expertise.

Relevant Documents: Think Capacity, Think Consent

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