McClean Podiatry will remain open during Tiered Restrictions. Click here to read the latest information.


26th October

McClean Podiatry are delighted to confirm the following advice directly from The College of Podiatry:

"The Scottish Government has announced the introduction of a five-tier plan to suppress COVID-19 but podiatrists can continue to practise.

Scotland's new Coronavirus (COVID-19) Strategic Framework does not affect healthcare services. Podiatrists, as registered medical professionals, can continue to treat patients in all tiers, including in nursing home and domiciliaries." - College of Podiatry

30th May

Yesterday the College of Podiatry announced that with the latest Government Lockdown changes Podiatry practices are now able to re open for all patients as of Monday the 1st of June.

There will inevitably be some changes to how we practice in order to protect both clients and practitioners.

The most obvious being the wearing of PPE by the practitioner without which we are not able safely treat. To cover the cost of extra measures to keep you safe prices will be increasing.

Contactless payment will now be requested by credit or debit card Google or Apple pay or by PayPal.

At time of booking and on arrival at your house you shall be asked to confirm that you nor anyone else within your household is suffering from any of the recognised symptoms of the Corona Virus. If you are unfortunate to have the virus in the house your appointment will need to rescheduled for a minimum of 14 days as per guidelines.

All appointments that have so far been cancelled during lockdown will contacted in the coming days and shall be rebooked in order of longest waiting first.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and that you for your patience.

13th May

McClean Podiatry remains closed as per Scottish Government advice. While we are closed we are making arrangements for the time we are permitted to re-open including P.P.E. (Personal Protective Equipment) and will be requesting future payments via contactless methods. When we do open we will be working differently in order to ensure both our and your safety. We look forward to re-opening when government guidance allows.

Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

Regards, A.McClean

16th March

Unfortunately McClean Podiatry is currently closed for a minimum of two weeks as we have been advised by NHS111 to self isolate.
For up to date and correct infomation please do not use the likes of Facebook but rather trusted sources such as:

Please be careful and if you show signs be responsible. There are many vunerable people out there we do not know but come into contact with each day. If you have any of the symptoms take the responsible approach and isloate.
We may have mild symptoms and think we can't harm anyone by ignoring advice but for some this can be much more serious.

We will be calling patients already booked to delay or cancel.